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1-Hour Consultation

  • Book a 1-hour consultation with Stacy Chin, Ph.D. an expert SBIR consultant with over 10 years of experience helping start-ups secure SBIR grants! She also served as an SBIR reviewer for federal agencies, including the NSF and NIH.


    You can use this time to ask Dr. Chin anything! Here are a couple of examples of how you can use this 1-hour consultation call:


    • Getting started:
      • Discuss strategy and action plan to prepare and submit SBIR applications
      • Evaluate if your company should pursue an SBIR application
      • Identify SBIR funding opportunities
      • What to propose in an SBIR grant or NSF Project Pitch
      • What SBIR program or Phase is best fit for you
      • Company registrations


    • Preparing an SBIR application:
      • Get feedback on an SBIR application draft
      • Consult supporting documents
      • Budget questions
      • Submission of an SBIR proposal
      • How to go through the due diligence process
      • Improving Technical objectives and Research Plan
      • Conduct a “mock” review
      • Strategy on commercialization plans


    • Rejected SBIR applications or NSF Project Pitches:
      • Review reviewer comments
      • Discuss strategy for improvement
      • Preparing for a resubmission
      • Explore other alternative funding opportunities
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