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Start-up Consulting

As former founders, entrepreneurs, and start-up executives, with PhD-level technical backgrounds, let us help you bring innovation from research & development (R&D) towards commercialization. Our start-up commercialization plan consultants have worked with many start-up executives across many industries including: biomedical & healthcare, engineering (hardware & software), military, energy & environment, and much more.


Whether you are unsure of the process and need mentoring or you have the experience to “go at it alone” given the right templates, our SBIR/STTR services and tools are designed to support your efforts at every stage needed. consults in the following areas:

Consultation, Preparation,
and Strategy

Your team will work one-on-one with an experienced consultant through each step of the SBIR/STTR process:

  • Identify SBIR/STTR solicitations

  • Complete company registrations  

  • Devise technical objectives/aims

  • Write, draft, and edit proposal drafts and supplementary documents

  • Drafting commercialization plans

  • Submit proposals 


Need feedback on your proposal? Our experts will review your draft, and advise how we can edit it to improve your application. 

  • Ideal for first-time companies and even resubmissions

  • 10% discount on drafts prepared using our SBIR/STTR templates

  • Prompt turn-around time

Pitch Deck Preparation

We help Founders and start-ups get “investor-ready” by preparing and providing feedback on investor decks and pitches. Our commercialization experts have advised start-ups secure pre-seed, seed, and Series A funding round from Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. Let our consultants help transform your innovative ideas into a compelling, business narrative that investors and commercial partners can get excited about.


Is my concept viable? Marketable? What’s my next step? Funding? These questions and many others require well-defined answers. While evidenced-based decisions are not always possible, brings experience, expertise, and intuition to what has proven to be a winning formula with our commercialization plan consultants. Here we can advise on:

  • Path to Commercialization. We provide the "big picture" strategy and guidance to help you determine a clear path to commercialization, understanding hurdles, and opportunities.

  • Ideation and Concept Refinement. Against the tide of rapid change, our commercialization experts can help you further develop your innovative ideas and technological concepts in light of trends and emerging science.

  • Market Assessment. Let us help you to define and analyze key competitors, market entry points, positioning, clinical requirements, and global opportunities are components of market assessment services. 

  • Fundraising. From pitch deck development to global market analysis, we can develop a go-to-market strategy that includes a product launch platform, brand creation, strategic communications plan, and marketing resource screening.

  • Product Scale Up and Production. Innovators and entrepreneurs benefit from our extensive knowledge of production and manufacturing processes, time-to-market, supply chain constraints, resource availability, and costs for scale-up and produce-to-demand scenarios.

1-on-1 Hourly Consultation

Want to speak to one of our commercialization experts? Need to brainstorm ideas and strategies on how to bring your innovation to market? Schedule a 1-on-1 consultant call with to get you started on your start-up journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should we hire a grant writing consultant for our SBIR or STTR grant if we're a seed-stage startup?

A: Yes! Our expert grant consultants at have advised over 100's of start-ups on their SBIR strategy. Contact us to learn how we can work together. 

Q: Who qualifies for SBIR grants?

A:There are some eligibility requirements for SBIR and STTR grants that Founders should keep in mind when deciding which SBA grant opportunity would be the most appropriate for them. Check them out in this link HERE.

Q: Should I hire a start-up consultant to help me build a business plan that I can use to pitch to investors?

A: Yes! Our consultants have helped hundreds of science and tech start-ups with their business plans.

Q: What is a commercialization Strategy?

A: According to the National Institute of Health, a Commercialization Strategy a way to clearly and concisely explain how your proposed research efforts are aligned to the market need and how you plan to bring it to the commercial market.  All Commercialization Strategies should explain to reviewers how they plan to translate their innovation to a product or service that generates revenue, how to open up business opportunities with industry leaders, how this opportunity would grow your business, and what might be the landscape required to address the problem being solved. 

Let us help you KEEP YOUR EQUITY.

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