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NIH SBIR/STTR Full Phase I Guide and Template (SA AND RS ONLY)

  • has prepared this thorough NIH SBIR/STTR Phase I Guide and Templates (Specific Aims and Research Strategy ONLY) based on AWARDED clients so that you can make your application stand out to reviewers. Our 20-page, step-by-step instructions and tips are easy to follow so that you can prepare the mandatory documents to make your application stands out to reviewers. Thank you for your interest!


    What is the Specific Aims?


    The purpose of the Specific Aims Document for your SBIR/STTR Phase I application is to provide reviewers with a 1-page summary of the goals, objectives, and aims of your Research Strategy. This is a mandatory document that takes time to prepare properly.


    What is the Research Strategy?


     The Research Strategy should demonstrate the scientific and technical merit of the proposed project, its feasibility, and its potential for commercialization. It should focus on establishing the scientific and technical merit of the proposed project. The document should include a clear and concise description of the research plan and methods, as well as the expected outcomes and potential impact of the project. Your job here is to address the specific aims of the project and should include a description of the experimental design, data collection, and analysis methods, and any potential limitations or challenges that may arise during the project.

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